We Buy Drones was established early in 2019 .

In 2014 bought my very first drone, it was a DJI Phantom 1 fitted with a Go Pro  , coming from a 6 channel helicopter background drones where just a step above anything else i have ever flown and of course much easier. The achievement of being able to view and photograph the world from a perspective many others don’t get to see had be sold on drones forever!

From there the passion grew and i started doing shoots for my local Estate Agents, this is was long before any laws were in place for commercial flying , next thing i was doing videography for Guest Lodges , Shark Spotting on our beaches in December with Life Guards and Property Development shoots for large Construction Companies.

As i started meeting new people they also became interested in drones and buying and flying them, so a small business formed somewhere in 2016 and things slowly grew from there .Early in 2019 i decided to turn my passion and hobby into a proper little business venture and share my excitement and passion with my clients.

Customer service is highly important to me and I always strive to deliver, as most of us know service is something that most businesses lack in many ways in South Africa

We are growing from strength to strength and appreciate all the valued support we get .

Owner & Director

Dave Houreld

Dave Houreld doing a video shoot for Show Me Helderburg in conjuction with their beach clean up and the NSRI Station 9 Gordon's Bay- 7th Febuary 2015